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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Alarm clock calls and texts if you don't wake up, challenges you, and more!

Awaken Alarm Clock is based off the system alarm clock for maximum reliability, while adding a ton of great extra features to help you get up in the morning! Features include the ability to call and text numbers if you don't wake up, challenge problems, music files as alarm sound, shake to snooze, gradually increasing volume, and more! You can create and save as many alarms as you wish, and turn them on and off as desired.

More details about the features of Awaken Alarm Clock:

* no advertisements! a free, ad supported app, Awaken Alarm Clock Free, is available with a limited feature set

* text SMS a number if you don't dismiss the alarm within a given amount of time. use to let your roommate know you need to be woken up, to inform your early-morning meeting that you'll be running late, and more!

* call a number either immediately or if the alarm is not dismissed. call your home phone to wake you up if your Android phone isn't loud enough, or phone a friend!

* require that you solve a challenge test before you can snooze or dismiss the alarm. challenges include typing, math, and color picking

* use music, mp3 files, or recorded voice notes as alarms, in addition to the system ringtones

* shake to snooze - snooze the alarm when you shake your phone

* gradually increasing volume gives you the chance to dismiss the alarm before it becomes loud

* name your alarms, allowing them to serve as reminders

* alarms can repeat on certain days

* vibrating alarms

* timeout alarms so they don't keep playing all day

You can use this alarm clock to schedule wake up calls, schedule text SMS for the future, or just as a normal alarm clock!

There's no reason not to have this alarm clock plus there's a free version, Awaken Alarm Clock Free, in the Market! It has ads and a limited feature set, but you can always try it out before you buy this alarm clock.

System Requirements:

No special requirements

Alarm Clock - Awaken 2.3 Free Download screenshot